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Women deserve excellent pre-abortion services and options counseling.
At Sophia Women’s Center, you will receive this free of charge.

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Three important pieces of information you need before making a decision about abortion.

1.  Am I definitely pregnant?

You can get a positive result on a pregnancy test but NOT actually be pregnant. The best way to establish pregnancy is with an ultrasound exam. We offer pregnancy testing and an ultrasound exam done by a Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer free of charge. We want to empower you with accurate information.

2.  How far along am I?

Knowing this information will help you determine what abortion procedures you are capable of receiving — which affects costs and possible side effects. Your pregnancy will be dated through a free ultrasound exam.

3.  Is it important to know if I have a Sexually Transmitted Infection before I have an abortion?

Yes. If you have a STI when you get an abortion, you have the potential of getting PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease), which can lead to reproductive health problems for the rest of your life. We offer confidential and free STI testing for the most common sexually transmitted diseases.

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